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Ravazzi. An Italian story born in a small town and opens to the world!
A past full of people love their "job" who passionately worked the ingredients of the Ravazzi qualities: creativity, tradition and innovation. Founded in 1939, with the production of jellies, the reality of Ravazzi has a clearly defined goal: to satisfy the sweet will while maintaining a tradition of quality and innovating its reality to the present. It is with this aim that over the years has focused its efforts in technological progress of production facilities in order to be always in step with market demands.

In the segment of jellies, Ravazzi offers a wide range of products.

At the original production of jellies  SOFT, they are flanked specialties as:
•    JELLY that "melt in your mouth"
•    FILLED  with flavored liquid inside into a sweet hug with the taste of candy,
•    SOUR acidic with taste,
•    WINE GUMS  characteristics for consistency and eatability.  
•    SPECIAL Productions with juices, salty liquorice, sugar free.

The attention to consumer oriented the company towards a production with very specific nutritional characteristics
•    Gluten Free: All the Gummy Ravazzi are gluten-free and included in the AIC handbook
•    Colours: using fruit and vegetable concentrates, natural colurs, permitted.colours.
•    Gelatin: is certified HALAL
•    Absence of GMOs in raw materials

Great attention is paid to packaging, an important image vehicle and business efficiency. Bags, exhibitors, containers, monopieces: all characterized by style, vibrancy and originality. Of company relief and satisfaction, is the Blabla line of single-piece products, which assures the consumer with hygiene and freshness in every bite.

The distribution of Ravazzi capillary in the country is able to reach both the HO.RE.CA and GDO channels. Outside national borders Ravazzi is present throughout Europe and the Middle East.

The "Private Label" segment, which is a very important channel where Ravazzi can guarantee service quality and taste Made in Italy wherever required.

The constant production quality and the effective organization have allowed Ravazzi to get the
IFS and BRC certifications.

It’s so that from 1939 to date the Italian story opens in the world!